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Season 5 is the final season of Catching the G-Man.


Bernard believes he has been sent back in time, so sets out to find The G-Man in order to prove to his friends he didn't dream up the events of the past four seasons.


Missing Episode DetailsEdit

The Sudden EndEdit

Issue 126 ended up being the final episode of Catching the G-Man, with Joe posting on the blog on his website saying so. A Christmas Special followed up shortly after, and would become the last episode to the series. However in 2009 it was briefly revived with a 127th Issue which was posted on an internet forum, but unfortunately the admin of this wikia hasn't been able to find it at all.

Planned Spin-OffEdit

A spin-off titled The Bernard and Steve Show was planned, which would act as a standalone series. This was cut short when Joe retired from comic making at the beginning of 2008, however in 2009 when he briefly came out of retirement he did create a comic. Unfortunately like the lost Issue 127, this wikia admin can't find any trace of it.