Nick is a character in Catching the G-Man and a friend of Bernard who helps him on his quest of catching The G-Man. However he later acts the villain at the ending of season 3 and the start of season 4 after Bernard had left him for dead in season 2.


Season 1Edit

Nick, along with Steve and Brad witness Bernard's failed attempt to capture The G-Man at Gm_Construct.

Season 2Edit

Nick joins Bernard and Brad on a mission to find and capture Gordon Freeman on G-Man's orders, as G-Man has captured Steve. Nick ends up being caught on fire and his unconscious body is dumped in a lake by Bernard.

Season 3Edit

At the end of the third season a vengeful Nick returns and takes G-Man hostage as revenge against Bernard for leaving him for dead. Nick takes G-Man away in a portal.

Season 4Edit

Nick keeps G-Man locked away in a cage. Nick is knocked unconscious when Bulma lands on top of him while in a bathtub. At this point G-Man managed to escape and kidnapped Bulma.

At the end of the season Bernard finds himself sent back to the events of the first episode in which he lands on the Gm_Construct island after being thrown in the air by Dog. Like in the first episode, Nick is seen alongside Brad and Steve.

Season 5Edit

After Bernard loses his legs due to a teleportation accident, he removes Nick's legs and uses them. He does this due to his 'knowledge' of Nick betraying him in the future.