Catching the G-Man was a webcomic created by a forum member named Joe, and ran from 2006 to 2007 and had five seasons and around 126 episodes. The series was cancelled near the end of 2007 and didn't have a proper conclusion. A Christmas Special was released shortly after, but had no connection to the previous storyline. Although Joe had planned on making a standalone spin-off starring Bernard and Steve, he retired from comic making in January 2008.

However he did return a year later and voiced his intent on another comic making forum that he would finish up Catching the G-Man. Although he released a 127th episode, nothing else came about it. Unfortunately there is no trace of this latest issue, or a comic he released for the Bernard and Steve spin-off.

Although this wiki has managed to salvage a big chunk of the comics, a lot are still missing and unlikely to ever be found again.

The comic uses the game Garry's Mod.


The story takes place a day before the events of Half-Life 2, in which a man named Bernard makes it his life's mission to track down and capture The G-Man.




  • Bernard's attempts to catch The G-Man is a reference to how the latter manages to always disappearance without a trace in the Half-Life games.